Pennsylvania is a great state. After all, it’s home to the city of brotherly love. You have certainly heard of Philadelphia, but have you heard of Downingtown, Pennsylvania? If not, you’re missing out on a great city in this state that has plenty to offer. Discover these great restaurants and attractions in Downingtown, PA.

First of all, what does a trip to the Victory Brewing Company sound like to you? This is the place for both visitors and residents, and there is more than meets the eye. In fact, it’s not just a brewing company with greet beer, but it’s the #1 restaurant in the entire city. It’s a must stop when you’re in Downingtown.

Are you looking for baked goods? Whether you need a wedding cake or just a cake or cupcakes just for fun, this bakery serves up some delicious delicacies. Another unique option for dining out in Downingtown, Pennsylvania is Grapevine Cuisine. This is Greek cuisine at its finest!

On to some attractions before naming a few more restaurants. You do after all want to know how to have fun in this city and not just how to eat. Eating is fun if you ask me, but how about a visit to Above & Beyond Ballooning? It’s exactly what it sounds like if you think you’re going for a nice hot air balloon ride. You can’t do this just anywhere, and talk about getting a good view of the city. You might just find out where you want to go next.

Two other great attractions to visit are the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center and the Beaver Creek Historic Fire Company. Now for three more restaurants you need to visit while you’re in Downingtown, PA. Green Street Grill, Lione’s Pizza and Pomodoro Pizza & Italian Restaurant round out the list.